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Animal protection

Comprehensive protection of animals in the meat production area

Animal protection has always enjoyed a tradition of very high priority in the British meat-production sector. Investigations and studies prove that there is an immediate connection between the well-being of the animals and the eating quality.
The preconditions for meat production in the United Kingdom are ideal: the mother animals and their young spend their lives in the open on English meadows and pastures. The unique climate and the topographical conditions form an optimal basis for the production of meat of a particularly high quality. Special programmes have been created to define standards for the rearing, keeping, transport, and slaughter of livestock that must be observed to ensure certifi­cation according to the Quality Standard seal of approval. Lamb is a product that bears this seal of quality and thus meets this standard.

Consumer protection

Safety and quality for the consumer

The consumers of lamb and beef can place their whole trust in the AHDB Quality Standard seal. The AHDB Quality Standard seal guarantees consumers the highest degree of safety in the purchase and enjoyment of the meat. Meat from England is selected according to the most stringent criteria and controlled by independent agencies. Every step of the supply chain and production process – from the farm all the way to the meat counter – is clearly transparent and can be retraced for each any every cut of lamb or beef, ensured by the special electronic ID programme.
In addition, the AHDB quality seal is the only one in the United Kingdom that includes “eating quality” as a separate criterion. In this way customers can rest assured that the meat they buy is of a consistently high eating quality deserving of their trust.


Sustainable meat production for an intact climate

AHDB has made a promise to preserve the climate, since farming
indisputably makes an impact in connection with climate change. In an effort to find out just how great a role is played by farming regarding the emission of
greenhouse gases, AHDB has joined forces with the British ministry responsiblefor farming (DEFRA), the National Farmers Union (NFU), the association of sheep
and cattle farmers, and other organizations in the farming sector to set up the initiative "Change in the air". One of the purposes of this initiative
was to draw up a strategy plan for the lamb- and beef-producing industry to
reduce the branch’s contribution the emission of climate-damaging gases.