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Rearing and feed

Natural feed for the special beef flavour

The lambs and cattles grow on a diet of fresh lush grass

It’s not just the region in which cattle are reared that determines the flavour of the meat – the natural feed that the animals eat also plays a major role. The rearing of cattle on England’s lush green clover-filled pastures results in a high content of glucose the meat, the effects of which unfold in the cooking process. The meat of cows that are reared in fruit-growing regions, for example, has a delicate caramel-like aroma. Since beef plays an important part in modern-day treat and wellness cuisine, the unique flavour imparted by the natural feed is an important aspect of ensuring premium quality.

The natural feed resources have a positive effect on the health and well-being of the animals. The optimal combination of keeping the livestock under natural conditions and feed gives the meat its unmistakable flavour. The taste of lamb is influenced to no small extent by the feed it eats and the area in which it is reared. Meat from lambs in the Alps has a completely different taste to that of lambs reared in the maritime climate of England. The fresh grass of English meadows gives English lamb its typical savoury flavour and enhances the high content of healthy fatty acids.
The mother animals and their lambs spend their entire lives on the lush meadows and pastures of England, eating virtually nothing else than fresh grass. The only addition to their diet is a mixture of vitamins and minerals, since pregnant sheep have a raised demand for these substances. English sheep farmers have no need at all for special fattening feeds and growth-enhancement supplements