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Safely produced and swiftly shipped

English lamb and beef producers offer more service


Lamb from the British Isles is unbeatably fresh. It’s available in Germany within just 48 hours of leaving the slaughterhouse. The exporters are able to deliver lamb year-in, year-out. Whole carcasses and individually trimmed cuts: depending on the customer’s wishes and specifications, the producers trim the meat accordingly and ship it swiftly and flexibly. Trimmed cuts and carcasses can be labelled individually according to the customer’s specifications. Exporters guarantee a minimum shelf life of up to 32 days for the specially trimmed cuts.

Stringent quality controls and traditional sheep-farming and processing methods set the basis of a product of the highest quality class. The freshness of the products is ensured by the highly professional handling in the production and transport aspects and by short delivery distances. The entire production process of each and every cut of lamb can be exactly retraced by means of a dedicated electronic ID system.


In an effort to enhance the eating quality of beef further still, the MLC company (Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Ltd.) has come up with a product-development programme that pays special heed to the interests of consumers. This programme has defined standards higher than those that are usual in the branch. These standards are defined by a so-called “blueprint”, the aim of which is to ensure a consistently high eating quality of beef and hence to restore and sustainably reinforce the consumers’ confidence and trust in English beef.

The “blueprint” scheme comprises the following areas:

1) Standards for the purchase of beef cattle
2) Standards for the loading and transport of livestock
3) Standards for slaughterhouses and meat-cutting plants
4) Technical data for carcasses
5) Specifications for meat cuts
6) Recommendations for cutting techniques
7) Recommendations for meat labelling