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Quality lamb, 365 days a year

The “Quality Standard Lamb” seal of approval guarantees highest product quality

The AHDB Quality Standard guarantees consumers the highest possible degree of safety in the purchase and enjoyment of the meat. Quality Standard meat is selected by the strictest criteria and monitored by an independent agency. Every step of the supply chain and production process – all the way from the farm to the meat counter – is completely transparent. The AHDB quality seal is the only hallmark in the United Kingdom that includes “eating quality” as a separate criterion. In this way customers can rest assured that the meat they buy is of a consistently high eating quality deserving of their trust: it’s tender, succulent, and aromatic – a special pleasure.

The services provided by the Quality Standard for the consumer

The main criteria of the AHDB Quality Standard programme for lamb
The quality controls for lamb conform to the EN 45011 standard:

The carcasses of any acceptable animals slaughtered in the period from 1 January through to 30 April of any year and born before 1 October of the previous year must be subjected to a minimum of seven days maturation. Between slaughtering and sale to the final consumer, the meat should be matured for a minimum period of seven days, ideally ten days.