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48h reliable delivery

Natural rearing:

With its moderate climate and endless green pastures, the United Kingdom offers the perfect conditions for best-quality lamb with its unique flavour. The sheep are reared in harmony with nature, taking the well-being of the animals into consideration at all times.

Excellent lamb:

The “Quality Standard Lamb” seal of approval is unique for England, and guarantees the highest possible safety standards for the protection of the animals, the environment, and consumers. English lamb is available year-in, year-out in the highest quality, for all occasions where a special culinary treat is called for.

Easy to order:

English quality lamb can be ordered simply and directly – just an e-mail, fax, or a phone call away. The fresh or deep-frozen lamb is delivered swiftly and reliably according to your specific wishes.

Individual cuts:

Order exactly what you need! No matter whether a juicy lamb knuckle or tender saddle of lamb, large orders or single cuts – individual delivery and customer service are our utmost priority. Depending on the size of the order, the cuts and carcasses can also be individually labelled.

Reliable delivery:

No matter whether fresh or deep-frozen, the quality lamb arrives in Germany using the best delivery and customer service conditions. English lamb is delivered within just 48 hours of leaving the slaughterhouse.

Safe arrival:

No matter whether Hamburg or Klein-Winterheim: English quality lamb is delivered swiftly, reliably, and safely throughout Germany. Every cut and every carcass can be easily tracked over the entire production chain thanks to the special electronic ID programme.

A delicious treat:

Braised, roasted, or grilled – fresh English lamb is tender, juicy, and always a treat. Lamb can be prepared in a broad variety of ways and is a delicious alternative on the menu.